Breaking into the world of Art

About me…

Beka Bielman was born in Ponca City, Oklahoma in 1982 and moved to Washington in 1988. Not realizing her love for art until her late 20s, Beka took a leap of faith and transferred to the UW School of Art BFA program after taking her first art class at Seattle Central Community College. She received her BFA from the University Of Washington School Of Art in 2011.
Beka currently works with pattern in ink, watercolor and pen. Her first two portfolios feature her abstract works and Washington landscape inspired drawings, with pattern being the central mode of expression. Her work shown in the Sand Point Gallery BA/BFA group show, the Jacob Lawrence Gallery BFA show, and Jacob Lawrence Gallery Juried show all in 2011.

Beka Bielman – Artist Statement

Repetition of pattern gives me a sense of calm, each line drawn is meditative for me. When I first started

drawing with patterns, the purpose was therapeutic, not artistic. It was, and still is, a way for me to

channel my emotions onto paper.

Like running through the field with wild abandon, my drawings start out free and spirited. The building

block for each drawing is a single line. This line is random each time, depending on my mood. Gestural,

the line moves up and down, left and right, curving and swooping, intersecting itself many times before

catching up to its starting point. Each connection of that line creates a unique shape and those shapes

are then filled in with pattern.

Not unlike the initial gestural line, the patterns and movement of those patterns in the beginning

are random. After the first few patterns are laid, I get a feeling for the overall nature of the drawing and

then figure it out piece by piece like a puzzle.

Drawing with pen forces me to be more creative and strategic in the drawing stage. Although the first line

is drawn in pencil, the rest is pen which means that every mark that goes down stays. One line influences

the one next to it, this creates a more organic feel to the work than I would’ve ever gotten if I had the

ability to make corrections.