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Now that I have a studio space and am working 4 out of 5 weekdays in it, I think it’s time for my blog to morph into a website :). I will update my page whenever I upload a new photo of my work.
Thank you for reading my blog! I appreciate all the feedback I’ve gotten. Hopefully the transition is smooth – I will still be at

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend everyone!

This is my second day working in my new studio and it’s totally awesome!
I have been tirelessly working away at my landscape piece and have gotten a lot more accomplished with only listening to my favorite tunes on my zune. So far I haven’t set up internet – not sure if I will either, I like not having the distraction at this point.
I am hoping to finish my landscape piece by Friday! We’ll see – I’m now at the final touches stage :).

I’ll post pictures soon!


Well, I’ve finally done it! Tomorrow I’m going to sign my lease for my new studio space!!

New Studio Space

New Studio Space, 2

This is one thing on my original list to check off. I’ll be moving this weekend and will be ready for work on Monday.

I thought the whole ‘work from home’ thing was going to work out, but it was too hard. There were too many non-art projects calling to me during the day and a very needy kitty. Plus, I’m quite the Netflix junkie. I have almost made it all the way through SG1 – I love Science Fiction!

Where I’m going there will be no more tv, cat, laundry/housecleaning, and all the other things that kept me from my work. I’ve got a nice little studio with lots of light, access to the zoo and Greenlake :). I’m so excited! Yay!

Have a great weekend everyone!