Breaking into the world of Art

Hi everyone!

I made it back from my trip late Tuesday night, and had a lot of fun out there at Lake Cushman – we got a lot of snow while I was there.

Yep, that’s my car covered in snow! We were using it as a gauge to see how much it had snowed while we were there. It was a lot of fun getting it out of that space when I was ready to go.

I’m posting some pictures of the trip instead of writing about Artist statements because I am sick :(. I will have a new posting on Tuesday that will make up for it. While I’m trying to feel better, here’s some photos of my week :).

Riverbed at Lake Cushman.


The Riverbed is exposed because the nearby Dam is currently being worked on and the water levels are a lot lower than normal.

Here are some more photos from the outlying area.

   Lake Cushman Riverbed - shore

I got a little inspiration from the trip and drew a few ink drawings:

Well, that’s all I have for now. I hope everyone stays safe and warm with all of that snow out there. I’ll be posting again on Tuesday. Bye for now!


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