Breaking into the world of Art

It’s just been one of those days! You know the ones, where nothing seems to go right. I just posted a blank post to my blog after writing a nice little post and it got lost – doh! Other than that – I seem to be dropping things and am pretty tired! Oh well! Things will turn around – maybe the sun will come out again?…now?…nope not yet.

So, last weekend was totally gorgeous! It felt like I was in California instead of Washington. I love it when it’s sunny out!

It got me to thinking that I should take sometime during the non-wet/windy days to paint outside.

The last time I painted outdoors was in college for a landscape painting class in the fall – boy was it cold out! Along with my painting supplies (easel, chair, and oil paint) I had to bring an extra jacket, fingerless gloves, and a hat to keep me warm. That’s the thing about painting outdoors, you have to be prepared to be in one place for several hours – which is why I’m looking forward to basking in the sun.

Here are some paintings I did while outdoors:

  One of the things I like about painting outdoors is that I get the chance to explore new areas. So far I’ve been to Lake Wilderness, Flaming Geyser, Lake Union (by the UW stadium), and UW Campus. I know that there are more than a million different compositions you could come up with off of the landscapes that are out there, and that is so thrilling to me!

Question for you guys:

I’m looking for new areas to explore, do you know of any that would be good painting/hanging out spots?

Well, off to the rest of the day for me. Wish me luck!

p.s. I’m going to go back to writing on Tuesdays & Thursday so…

See you in a couple of days!





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  1. Jean Kelley #
    April 23, 2012

    Well next time you are in Seattle check out Carkeek park in the Crown hill neighborhood. It offers a beach on Puget sound, some really old apple trees, lots of trails, and more. The nice part is that most of the park is below the surrounding neighborhood, so you are cut off from the much of the city noise.

    • April 24, 2012

      Very Nice! I would love to visit there sometime soon – sounds great.

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