Breaking into the world of Art

I always envied my college classmates because they knew what type of art they liked and were able to use it to build off of for their own work. I didn’t know a lot about art coming into my art degree, I was the very epitome of a newbie. All I knew coming in is that I liked to draw and thought I had some potential. Of course, given some time I started to make my way through the slew of amazing artists who have left their mark on the world and am grateful of the changes in the art scene that have allowed them to flourish.

My inspiration comes from painters who have viewed their subject through unconventional means. George Seurat used pointillism, he learned of optical mixing and used it to create a pixalized portrait. Dots of color combined together so that when you gazed on it from a distance they seemed to merge to create a painting – allowing the viewer’s eyes to do the work. The color worked in an opposite way when viewing upclose – it became an abstract painting, all about the positioning of layers of saturated colors.  Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings were created using divisionism. The directional lines vs. the paused dots of pointillism created movement throughout his pieces. They were mystical and his use of color made them vibrant.

I only hope at this point to have enough stamina to get my work on paper, one day at a time. To compare my work to theirs is crazy! As well as the sheer volume they created over their lifetimes.

Speaking of work,

Gotta go!



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