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Here are some of my pieces from my Intaglio class at the UW. I enjoyed playing around with shapes and slight depth of space. The landscape prints are from my monoprint class – trying my hand at etching. It is a drawing from the Lake Wilderness Park in Maple Valley.

+ high-res version

When I was first approach by Peter with the idea of putting shapes on his face, I was intrigued. It took a lot of work, with many revisions, but here it is.

I decided to use a purple/yellow complimentary system to keep attention on the shapes and their ability to be warmer and cooler give that they were keeping true to the original drawing. He also had brown tones originally and I wanted to represent him as realistic to his true nature as possible.

As in my Eye painting, the shapes make up Peter. Because of this, I wanted for him to be seen through them. His eyes are one of the few areas where the shapes are not, they connect you to him.

+ high-res version

This oil painting was inspired by my love of pointillist and divisionist art. I used the optical mixing of colors (pointillism) to help with the collaging of shapes (zeros & ones) across the face. The way the shapes move across (divisionism) the face help to define the shape of the face.

The original idea behind this painting:

I’ve always been intrigued about how we receive our information. The zeros and ones represent what has been made for us to see. Are we actually seeing what is there, or are we seeing what we are made to? Does this information affect us in such a way that we have become defined by it?